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Every challenge is different; every need is different. Young and old are striving to grow and learn not just how to live with their disability or their financial barriers, but how the world treats them in the entertainment Industry . At our Agency we have made it our purpose to do all we can to ensure that these at-risk groups, homeless families and people with disabilities have the support they need.

We believes in making today’s world more accessible for people with all types of disabilities in the Entertainment World. You’ll find we place a keen focus on various barriers. It’s an issue that sits at the root of our mission because it’s part of their story.

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Successful Clients

Kweli was excited to be chosen for her first musical



Geevenson has always been ready for the Cameras for Modeling here he is getting back on track



Camille has embraced the modeling field as a Plus Size Model.. she has Fashion for Curvy Girls,  Ebony Fashion Week, and 757 Bombshells Magazine.. you can find her work here https://www.instagram.com/camilleplussizemodel/
Camille Oliver

Camille Oliver

Our Vision, Mission & Goals

Our Vision

Drummond Twins Ent. provides the newest and most innovative way for our clients to be discovered. The Agency strives to give our clients a direct way to make important career connections.

Our Mission

We aim to be the world foremost market place for artists to showcase their talent. Embracing the complete spectrum of entertainment industry disciplines: artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, technicians, all are welcome.

Our Goals

We strive to do the best for our clients. We will be diligent in presenting our clients to the world marketplace.

Through excellent service to our clients, we aim to achieve and maintain industry leadership, growth, and respect.

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Our best team

Charity & Hope

Charity Drummond


Charity, served on the Transit Advisory Committee, SOAR School-Age Implementation and Action Teams, State Independent Living Council and  State Rehabilitation Council and she served on…

Hope Drummond


Hope is a longtime experienced  ADA advocate for people with disabilities. In the early part of her life she worked around the legal field. …

Our Project Our Passion Our Diamonds

In life we have lived and seen what it means to struggle.. We have always said, whenever we can open up a small crack of opportunity to help people we will. Our most concerned project is struggling artists.. These artists would sacrifice material well-being in order to focus on their artwork. They typically live on minimum expenses, either for a lack of business or because all their disposable income goes toward art projects. We want to help these artists so they want have to sacrifice so much to reach their goals.

We are calling the Project Diamond in the Rough Project.

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